The Art of Marriage  |  a Golden Anniversary

What do the University of Texas Butler School of Music and Ballet Austin’s Butler Dance Education Center (BDEC) have in common? Aside from being world-class artist training meccas, both share the name and benevolence of Sarah and Ernest Butler, beloved Austin luminaries and supporters of the arts. We had the pleasure of helping the Butlers celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. A dance studio at the BDEC played host to a lively dinner colored with wedding white, a dark chocolate brown and of course, GOLD. Sarah loves gardening and so each table was named after and adorned with a different white varietal of flower. The Daisy table featured exact replicas of her bridesmaids’ bouquets from 50 years before. Her wedding dress and album were on display and a replica of her original bridal bouquet was even delivered to the blushing bride’s home that day. 

After dinner, guests moved to the adjacent theatre and were treated to a "through the years" photo montage of the Butlers. The highlight of the evening was a private performance by several of the amazing artists and musicians that have benefitted from Butler scholarships through the years. A gilded evening, indeed. Cheers to 50 more!

Photography by Ann Marie Bloodgood


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